Topic outline

  • Data Analysis for International Development, Free Webinar

    As anybody working in the field of international development knows, we are constantly surrounded by data. Everyday, we deal with project indicators, budgets, monitoring tools and reports. Data help us to better understand a specific context or situation and to make important decisions. They can also help us to define budgets or prioritise activities.

    But having data is not enough... We need to exploit their potentials.

    Although our intuition seems right, data analysis can be a good tool to back up our theories or, on the contrary, to prove us wrong. 

    During our free webinar on ' Data Analysis for International development', we'll try to investigate in more details how data analysis can be a very powerful tool to help us extracting useful information from our data. 

    After a brief introduction on why data analysis is useful, we will proceed on an interactive analysis section where we will analyse a big dataset of historical data about Fragile States, using visualisation, classification and machine learning techniques.