Course Objective

On demand: 4 months access
Course Language: English
Cost: 150 EUR
Videos length: 5+ hours

The continuously expanding Data Analysis world may be daunting at first to grasp, still, being data literate is an essential skill in the modern world, overloaded with data sources and data requests. A century ago Vilfredo Pareto taught us (using data analysis btw) that there is no need to know everything about everything in order to be useful, instead “80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes”. Based on this principle we prepared a basic kit of theoretical knowledge and practical techniques which will teach you the right approach in solving data analysis needs of your organisation, with minimal effort, using the ever present spreadsheets applications. 

Who it is addressed to
NGOs and Third Sector Organizations workers

Prerequisites for course participation

  • Basic math 
  • Average knowledge of spreadsheets 

Training outlines 

We will talk about: 

  • Collect, Summarize, Analyze and Present approach. 
  • Popular data formats 
  • Statistical basics on how Indicators are made and interpreted
  • Quantitative Analysis 
  • Quantitative Presentation
  • Qualitative Analysis 
  • Qualitative Presentation 
  • Time Series Analysis

Training methodologies
This knowledge will be explained and trained with live exercises in Google Sheets, but it is applicable to other spreadsheets applications or statistical software packages. The aim of this course is to explain the basics of Data Analysis for decision making support, with real world examples, which should result in a good fundamental knowledge and be useful in the majority of data related real world challenges, in your organisation. At the end of this course you will be able to correctly set indicators related goals, track the ongoing operations and get data backed insights, once the intervention is over. Throughout the duration of the course, tutoring support is provided to support participants and the trainer in their online interaction.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Data Analysis introduction and Statistics Basics

    • 1. Introduction Dataset

    • 2. Statistics

    • Supporting Materials

    • Evaluation test

    • Recorded webinar Week1 (Italian)

  • 2

    Qualitative analysis and presentation

    • 3. Quantitative validation

    • 4. Quantitative to qualitative

    • 5. Multiple choice problem

    • Evaluation test

    • Supporting Materials - Week2

    • Recorded webinar Week2 (Italian)

  • 3

    Quantitative analysis and presentation

    • 6. Slides

    • 7. Spreadsheets

    • Evaluation test Week3

    • Supporting Materials - Week 3

    • Recorded webinar Week3 (Italian)

  • 4

    Time Series Analysis and presentation

    • 8. Linear Regression

    • 9. Correlation

    • 10. Time Series Prediction

    • Evaluation test Week4

    • Supporting Materials - Week4

    • Recorded webinar Week4 (Italian)